Timber Frame Construction

Custom Built

A timber frame is a post and beam style house frame built to expose the beauty of the homes wooden superstructure. Modern techniques and specialised tools allow us to cut beautiful custom frames. No nails are used between beams and no bolts or metal disrupt the structural flow of the wooden joinery.

Timber Superstructures

Timber frames are prepared and test fitted in our wood shop and transported to the building site. The frame is raised in place and locks smoothly together to form a wooden superstructure. The frame is then protected by building its enclosure of walls, roof, door and windows.

West Coast Design

Building on the west coast of Vancouver Island brings its own climatic challenges. Our custom frames showcase our west coast architectural influences and emphasise the structural strengths of timber framing. We pride ourselves on making each individual structure a work of art, capturing the beauty intrinsic in wood itself.

Our Projects

Hitacu Community Centre

An amazing project to be a part of. This facility was designed for the Ucluelet First Nations as their main gathering place.

The architect, Scott Kemp, based the design on the traditional longhouse with massive round posts holding equally sized rafters. The historic steam mill in Port Alberni processed the logs and we notched them onsite – some heavy equipment was….required.

The detailing on this scale were un-paralleled. A partnership with Ian Garrard brought it all together.

Off-Grid Island Home, Tofino

This house was a fantastic feat in logistics. Built on an island where strong currents encircle it, all the equipment and material had to be timed to come over on a barge, on particular tides.

We notched our timbers and logs in Ucluelet then shipped it over in a dump truck and low-bed trailer.

This house was designed by Leif Hagar and has no short supply of challenging touches. Also, co-built with Ian Garrard.

Off-Grid Forest Home, Ucluelet

Another fantastic location, off the beaten path, this design features a rolling roof system where the pitch changes from a very shallow 7% to 18% while the rear wall opens up at 13 degrees. Fun!

Beautiful salvaged Douglas Fir timbers throughout the ceiling as well as all the heavy timber base for the second floor.

The overall effect of this roofline is like a parabolic wing or a hand fan opening up.

Greenworld did a fantastic job as the General Contractors and this house is a powerhouse of off the grid technology.

Botanical Gardens, Tofino

One of my earlier, funkier designs.

This is placed on the beautiful Botanical Gardens lands in Tofino.

The frame was cut off site and wheel barrowed/carried through the trails to reach this shoreline.

Lots of curved braces soften up the structure.

Wildside Grill, Tofino

This project used the Yellow Cedar and Red Cedar wood combination extensively.

I experimented with a large router bit in attempt to make the wood edges look softer – more shaped.

This design worked with the existing building as I didn’t need to attach them together for the rooflines to work in shedding water. An effective addition style.

Ayre Residence, Ucluelet

This was a fantastic build that Blue Sky architect designed and Icon Developments ran.

The timber roofline changed pitch and arced throughout-like an undulating wave.

All wood spline joinery and mortise and tenon joined the rafters above the 4×4 posts.

Beautiful log work by Ian Garrard again here.

Dance Studio, Tofino

An extensive renovation where the lower floor of a residence was torn out and rebuilt as a dance studio. This build has every detail paid attention to it.

I used a yellow cedar strip ceiling with red cedar strips and copper penny metal. The timberwork had carvings and braces were half-lapped details. The wood was beautiful salvaged Fir as well.

Infloor heating under engineered maple flooring, stained glass entrance doors….this place has it all.

Bevan Residence, Tofino

An incredibly intricate timberframe built in the stormy season of 2006.

This was built as a high end rental and was filled with custom finishing from window trim, cabinets, acid-etched floor and exterior trim.

Three bents, connected with huge dovetail purlins. The front and rear bent are the same while a hammer beam truss is the centrepiece of the house.

Jamies Whaling Centre, Ucluelet

This design was purpose built to draw the publics eye through and to the classic box structure.

A whale watching company in downtown Ucluelet, it stands out and holds off the weather from the entrance.

Beautiful salvaged Red Cedar again, the front braces are the feature as they cross lap each other and finish with a gentle arc over the entrance.

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